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The Modular Sofa Set is an exceptional desire because it has the potential to provide high-quality versatility to the organisation. Furthermore, these modular sofas can be customised to fit the individual's room layout and, as a result, family size. As a result, if you want to make a nice changeover from a standard sofa or multiple armchairs, Modular Sofa Set are commonly used in large open-plan living spaces.

While the Modular sofa is simply a settee with additional zips, the Slot sofa is not as straightforward. It has the potential to be an interesting piece of furniture. By combining the sofa, polished chrome, and headboard, the sofa increasing the efficiency and effectiveness new value and functionality. It converts the common constructional differences between a sofa cushions into tracks that the table can slide into and out of. When slid into a frame, the table transforms into a console.

When you release it, it transforms into a cocktail table. Magnetically retained sofa cushions always find and keep their optimal position, whether atop an imperial table or beneath a cocktail table. Slot is made in the traditional way, with textile upholstery and finished bent plywood. The Office-Sofa Modular sofa are easily adaptable to any environment, commercial or residential.

The different lengths and angles, as well as the wide range of fabric combinations, allow for an infinite number of numbers that can be used in any situation.


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